Welcome to Social Activity for Gramin Area (SAGA)

Since ancient time,s social services has been n integral part of Indian Culture. Soon after independence, of NGOS had emerged in India. Mahatma Gandhi even pleaded to dissolve the India National Congress and transform it to a Lok Seva Sangh (public service organization). Though his plea was rejected, but the follower of Mahatma Gandhi started many voluntary agencies to work on various social as well as economical issues of the country. This was the first phase of NGOs in India. SAGA dedicates the above few lines to those people who were the pioneers of NGO in India. We live in the present but we should not forget the past. We call this ‘Creating Equal Opportunities.

Our History

SAGA - Social Activity For Gramin Area was set up in 2006 as a primary education centre for boys and girls in a village, under 24 parganas, West Bengal. This non- formal centre started in a potato storage room with 80 children. The villagers became members and started working with full enthusiasm – because previously they had to cover long distance for going to different school. Within three years no of student increase to 400 hundred. Along with education we started different extra curricular activities like Brotochari, clay modeling etc and above all our motivation was to make the children aware that they have all the power to become good human beings and eventually turn themselves into a proud Indian citizen. They are not under privileged anymore.

Who we are

Who we are SAGA works mainly in the field of education focusing school reform through the school project; and providing supplement education through Saga,s centers. Through the centers, a commitment is made to support each child by providing a strong educational foundation, self esteem, values and good times. The key principle that sustainability is about "thinking about forever". Saga also supports those children who are willing to study further after tenth standard, but unable to do so due financial constraints. The objective of this program is to promote a healthy, well rounded and educated individual who are ready to face the world. SAGA extended their hand to their co-NGO"s who are working in other vulnerable value based programs. This helping hand sometimes through kind and sometimes through limited financial assistance. Though our capacity is limited, we believe holding hand in hand, we can form a bigger chain that encompasses a larger world of disadvantage people. "Just start. Do not wait for perfection. Just start and let the work teach you." David Lawrence We have started our journey …………… Our Mission – We help others within our limits. Our Belief – Everybody is privileged in this world if the person gets proper environment, nourishment and guidance.